“The Grey” Movie Review

“The Grey”: Dark, foreboding, intensity.

So a good friend and I went to see Liam Nesson’s latest movie, “The Grey”, last week.  For the past few months we’d been batting back and forth our hopes and fears for the film (we having lost almost all faith in Hollywood these days).  But I think I can say that we were both surprised by the film.  It was not what either of us expected.

I don’t want to sit here and waste a lot of key strokes and negative energy ripping this movie apart.  I don’t like those kinds of reviews anyway – go to YouTube for that rot.  But I so wanted this movie to be a good ol’ fashioned “man-overcoming-nature-and-kicking-wolf-butt-along-the-way movie.”  It wasn’t.

I’m all for reality in movies.  We’ve had too many movies lately that just seem to throw all reason and believability out the window – too many “crystal skulls” out there.  But in this case, the reality of “The Grey” is sobering and almost depressing.  I kept waiting for this group of guys to rally and fight back – rise up and overcome.  Instead they just sort of die a lot.  This is one of those movies where you really just kinda sit and guess who’s going to get snatched from the darkness next – knowing full well it’s going to eventually come down to just one guy – and it probably ain’t going to be the guy with the glasses.

Now, that being said, this movie still has a lot to offer.  For instance, if you’re a fan of the F-bomb, this movie is for you!  But seriously, the visuals are great in this film; snowscapes that’ll have you shivering and night-time wilderness shots that verge on epic.  Also contains one of the most stressful and memorable plane crashes I’ve ever seen.  The wolves are well done and the camera work is good, but a bit predictable with the whole “shaky camera thing” Hollywood has been hooked on since “Saving Private Ryan.”  Sometimes I just want the camera to hold still so I can see what the heck is going on!

Liam is solid, as usual, but it’s not his best work.  It really doesn’t matter though, because I love watching him in these kinds of roles.  He could totally phone it in and I’d still like it.

In conclusion, this is the part of my review where I break down a movie and try to quantify it in a “1-5” range over several criteria.  My friend and I have worked up this system over the past couple years and it seems to consistantly portray a good average for every movie (of this kind) we’ve put it to. Here goes.

Visual Appeal:4
Soundtrack: 2
Believability: 4
Action: 3
Use of Humor: 1
Special Effects: 3
Weapons Used: 2
Suspense: 5
Acting: 2
Novelty: 4
Score: 30 out of 50

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