“The Rocketeer” Movie Review

“The Rocketeer” Still flies high 20 years later!

The gem, this completely under-appreciated film is right up there with the most influential movies of my childhood.  This is one of those perennial favorites I watch at least once a year, with the sound way up (great sound track).

The Rocketeer shot onto movie screens in early Summer, 1991 and I never forgot it.  It didn’t do as well as hoped at the box office; actually labeled “a disappointment” by the distributor; but distributors only look at the numbers following the dollar sign.  We as viewers look at so much more.

The Rocketeer is perfect for all you fans of high-flying-damsel-in-distress-tommy gun-blasting-nazi-fighting movies!  The style is great, the film clear and colorful, the effects: still surprisingly solid even after 20 years.  The cast is wonderful with Timothy Dalton (then James Bond) delivering a great villainous, Erol Flynn-esq bad guy performance and Jennifer Connelly has never been more stunning.  And the novelty of this movie is still untouched.  Based on the comic book created by Dave Stevens they took late 30’s hollywood, mixed it with the golden age of aviation, a pure hearted hero, the Mob, FBI agents, Howard Hughes, gun play, Nazi spies, a giant assassin, a beautiful girl and a rocket pack!  How could they go wrong?

The truth is, they didn’t go wrong – they nailed it!  Twenty years later this movie still holds up.  It’s a good, pure, action adventure.  It may have been marketed to kids, but it’s not a kids movie.  It speaks to the adventurer at heart.  Who, as a young boy, wouldn’t have given his whole G.I. Joe collection (vehicles included) to find a rocket pack in his back yard?

I could keep going on about this one, but I won’t.  I hope if you’ve forgotten about The Rocketeer that you’ll give it a re-watch.  If you’ve never see The Rocketeer but like the sound of it, do yourself a solid and order it online (you’ll probably have a hard time finding it in stores).

So, let’s break it down into some usable numbers for all you hazard movie fans.

Visual Appeal: 5
Sound Track: 4
Believability: 2
Action: 4
User of Humor: 3
Special Effects: 4
Weapons Used: 4
Tension: 3
Acting: 2
Novelty: 5

Total: 36 out of 50

This is still just one man’s opinion.  So get out there and see for yourself!


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