3-3/4″ Action Figure Box Template

Sort of random here, compared to my normal posts – but I thought I’d just throw this out here, for anyone interested in boxing their loose action figures.  Occasionally I’ll create a custom figure, for a license that doesn’t really have a good figure available. (apologies for the bad photography)  Having done that, there really isn’t a source for custom boxes to protect your loose figures; boxes with matching art.  You can’t go buy the original package your favorite action hero came in.  So I came up with a template to house a standard 3-3/4″ figure.  The artwork is up to you.  But that’s the fun part.

Super abbreviated tutorial: Once you have your art all laid out, following the template, I laminate the sheet with a light-weight laminate; gives it a nice plastic look and some strength.  For the “figure window” I use a sheet of acetate (clear plastic) which you can usually find at an office supply store.  A background card for the inside of the box is handy and provides a nice finished look.



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