Vice Squad: Miami

©2013 N.David Bauer

©2013 N.David Bauer

It was 1984 and life was good. Crockett and Tubbs were cleaning up the vice ridden streets of Miami in their Ferrari and $600 suits.  And if the sitch called for it, a pretty sweet cigarette boat.

Really into this show right now.  I was pretty young when it originally aired, but it’s great to go back and see it all for the first time.  Most people kinda laugh now-days when they hear the name Miami Vice.  They think of Don Johnson wearing pastel T’s and a white leisure suit.  But the show really was pretty ground-breaking at the time and still kinda slick by today’s standards.  Watch the pilot and you’ll see the appeal.

Anyway, my current mania for Miami Vice lead me to look for a t-shirt.  When I couldn’t find one I liked, I did what any artist would do – I made my own.

How to make your own screen print is a whole different post though.


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