Jack Reacher Movie Review

Originally posted, by me, as a review on Amazon’s “Jack Reacher” DVD page.  I thought I’d post it here as well. Spread the word.

I can’t rate the DVD yet, but I can rate the movie. “Jack Reacher” reminds me of a movie made before the bitter fruit of computer graphics came along; back when story, well composed scenes and good acting were paramount. Now, I’m sure computers were used in the making of this movie, but they aren’t the star, as is the case in so many of today’s thrillers. It’s not a visual spectacle, or an action-packed thrill-ride…. It’s better! This movie had some thought put into it. Its got re-watchability as well as beautifully composed scenes. It has a story that engages the mind without being taxing on the brain. The acting is good, with crisp dialogue and has some good old-fashioned tough-guy lines from the title character. If I had to make this movie using ingredients from other sources, I’d say there’s a good helping of “Bullitt” with a hint of “Person of Interest” and a little of “Dirty Harry” even. The cinematography is clean, clear, and colorful, with good, steady fight scenes that you can actually tell what’s going on. None of it is predictable and it’s all classy. Good pace, sweet cars, pretty girls, great character. I left the theatre feeling good, walking a little taller and already certain I’d buy the DVD. Can’t wait.


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