The Batmobile Returns

NewBatmobileSo, my friend posed the challenge the other day of picking any car from any decade to use as a base for a batmobile.  It was an interesting challenge, being a car guy myself.  I gave it a good deal of thought and ultimately decided on the Bugatti Veyron as my base car.  I’m not sure of the original photographer, or I’d give him credit for the photo; but I took that photo and set to work on it in “the shop”.  Many layers later I arrived at this, simple, clean, elegant, yet commanding and powerful.

Having worked on this project, I must say that Batman driving a car, a real car – sleek, fast and mysterious, is far more captivating than him smashing around on roof tops and busting through walls in a massive off-road tank thing.   One of the most iconic scenes in Batman history is of the ’89 batmobile blazing through the woods of Gotham at night, the leaves giving way to the black wraith of a car as it streaks past.  You could frame almost any second of that scene and hang it on the wall as art.  I don’t think you can say the same for the most recent batmobile.  So lets get Batman back in a car, a real batmobile.


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