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Bauer Knife Rack |


Upon realizing I had close to a dozen pocket knives tucked away here and there, I decided to make a rack so I could easily see my choices each morning. I wanted it to have an old hardware store look, kinda dirty, used.  I found some scrap wood left over in the barn, I’m guessing shipping crates or something, probably been up there since the 50’s.  The board said Dayton Warehouse on it.  The other side (in this photo) has the warehouse half of the stencil.  The interior slots are made of poplar that I burned with a torch and the backing is made of 1/2″ slats with small gaps between to look like a crate.  Fun project, and I’m sure I’ll be using more of my knives now that I can see them.

Every Day Carry |



My friend and I got to talking about the things we carry every day, and how it’s interesting to see what other’s consider necessary for each day.  So, here’s my EDC photo.

Matt Helm | Death of a Citizen

©2014 N. David Bauer

©2014 N. David Bauer


Matt Helm is the most mis-represented book-series-to-film adaptation ever!  Dean Martin’s movies have their place, but to call any of them a Matt Helm movie, is a shame.  Donald Hamilton’s post WWII counter spy could have made an amazing movie franchise if only put into the right hands.  This movie poster represents what could have been.

StratoHawk | Episode 1

©N. David Bauer

©N. David Bauer


Check out my newest creative venture – motion comics!  Watch episode 1 of StratoHawk and keep on the lookout for episode 2, coming soon.

Think you could voice one of the character of Strato-Hawk?  Send me your audio file and, if you make the cut, I’ll credit you in the video!


VW Bug Photos | A Closer Look

I’m starting a new series of photos this summer.  As I hit some of the car shows around the area, I’m going to attempt to take photos that show some of the the most iconic or artistically interesting parts of each car.  This should be a fun project.  Lets start a little closer to home, with my wife’s classic Beetle.








Hot Wheels Photo

A rainbow of hot wheels on a sunny day.  Great photo op.



Little Red Radio

il_570xN.158599040 il_570xN.158599110 il_570xN.158599263 il_570xN.158599346

Give an old radio a new life.  Radio is one of the last truly free forms of information and entertainment.  Go to any thrift store and you’re sure to see some old radios.  Look for interesting knobs or turner windows, then, with a little work in the shop you can bring those old radios back to life – like I did with this one.

Clad in vibrant red, our stout little friend looks like it belongs at the corner of Dick Tracy’s desk; ready to declare the news or just relay the ball game. The radio itself (the mechanics) comes from a mid-80’s alarm clock, but functions great in this newly made housing with low luster red finish. Metal speaker screen, clear tuner window, shining red lights and prominent power switch, with completely unnecessary (but cool) safety guard, give this stylistic radio some real 40’s pulp magazine charm.

Apple Fan

Cooling fans from a G5 Mac Pro

Cooling fans from a G5 Mac Pro

So we were throwing some old G5’s out at work the other week, and as usual, I was looking at them wondering what I could salvage and turn into something else.  Desk space is always at a premium, and so is being comfortable.  So a good desk fan that doesn’t take up much space, is quiet, and most importantly, looks cool, is always a winner.  After some trial and error with the wiring, I managed to get the cooling fans wired up and converted into this G5 Mac Pro Fan.  I love repurposing.

Horse’n Around

This one’s a little out of the ordinary for me, but sometimes I get commissioned to make things for people… And that can wind up being almost anything.

This time it was a game – a game with the theme of horse racing. Pretty fun project, really.  Hopefully this game will provide years of fun.

Horsegame_1 Horsegame_2 Horsegame

Fan tastic



Anyone who works at a desk knows, no matter how organized you are, desk space is always at a premium.  Most desk fans, no matter how small, take up too much room.  So I took an old computer cooling fan and turned it into a desk fan.  And while I was at it, decided to dress it up a bit with a vintage looking casing and blue LED light inside.  I get the benefit of cool air while only taking up 1-1/2″ x 7″ of my desk.  Computer fans are great for this. They’re quiet and and run for just shy of forever.