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Sherlock London Fog in Color |


The Great Detective En Couleur | watercolor pencils


Sherlock_London Fog |



You would not believe the number of times I attempted this piece.  Am I entirely satisfied? No.  Am I letting it go for my own sanity? Yes.

Wolverine |


I’m not really one that draws superheroes very often, and Wolverine is one of those characters that’s been drawn by so many people you kinda feel like “what’s the point?” But fan art is always fun, and it’s good practice, so I felt like giving it a try, and in my preferred color scheme for the character.  |  Watercolor Pencils

Grey Owl |



Watercolor pencils on gray paper. I was able to achieve this by spray-mounting the grey paper down to a piece of watercolor paper, giving it some backing and absorption.  My technique isn’t overly sloppy with the water, so the paper held up really well and I love the depth and mood the grey paper provides.

Quorra: Tron Legacy |

art by Nate Bauer

art by Nate Bauer

Quorra from Tron Legacy  |  watercolor and marker

Owl by Watercolor |


Every once in a while I like to try my hand at watercolor.  To me it’s one of those art forms that is at its best when it is seemingly random – just letting the water and color flow and getting something unexpected and natural that resembles reality.  And some people can make that look really easy.  “Carefully calculated random” is how I think of it…. and I’ve yet to be able to nail that process down.  But like most art forms “it’s all about putting in the reps”, to borrow a quote from the amazing Mr. Schultz.

Jyn Erso |


Illustrated by Nate Bauer

Illustrated by Nate Bauer

Now, I’m not typically one to base my work on current pop culture, but Rogue One has managed to stick with me for almost a week now and since I haven’t been able to get back to theatre, a drawing was the next best thing I could do.