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Every once in a while I like to try my hand at watercolor.  To me it’s one of those art forms that is at its best when it is seemingly random – just letting the water and color flow and getting something unexpected and natural that resembles reality.  And some people can make that look really easy.  “Carefully calculated random” is how I think of it…. and I’ve yet to be able to nail that process down.  But like most art forms “it’s all about putting in the reps”, to borrow a quote from the amazing Mr. Schultz.


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Upon realizing I had close to a dozen pocket knives tucked away here and there, I decided to make a rack so I could easily see my choices each morning. I wanted it to have an old hardware store look, kinda dirty, used.  I found some scrap wood left over in the barn, I’m guessing shipping crates or something, probably been up there since the 50’s.  The board said Dayton Warehouse on it.  The other side (in this photo) has the warehouse half of the stencil.  The interior slots are made of poplar that I burned with a torch and the backing is made of 1/2″ slats with small gaps between to look like a crate.  Fun project, and I’m sure I’ll be using more of my knives now that I can see them.

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My friend and I got to talking about the things we carry every day, and how it’s interesting to see what other’s consider necessary for each day.  So, here’s my EDC photo.

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Illustrated by Nate Bauer

Illustrated by Nate Bauer

Now, I’m not typically one to base my work on current pop culture, but Rogue One has managed to stick with me for almost a week now and since I haven’t been able to get back to theatre, a drawing was the next best thing I could do.

Rockie Revere: Search for Noah’s Ark | Hazardpublishing.com


Been a while since I’ve posted anything… but this one took a while to do. I thought it would be cool to try to tell a story in a single poster illustration and I think I accomplished that, though the story is pretty abbreviated. It’s sort of a variation on sequential art story telling. This was a fun one all the way.

Rockie Revere: Snowcycle | Hazardpublishing.com


©Nate Bauer

©Nate Bauer

Rockie Revere’s “Snowcycle”.

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“Girl7”.  Not much more to this character yet.  She’s pretty much your basic space girl concept.  It’s all been done before on this front.  But still a fun exercise in drawing. Never hurts to work on vehicle design either.