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Sherlock London Fog in Color | Hazardpublishing.com


The Great Detective En Couleur | watercolor pencils

Wolverine | Hazardpublishing.com


I’m not really one that draws superheroes very often, and Wolverine is one of those characters that’s been drawn by so many people you kinda feel like “what’s the point?” But fan art is always fun, and it’s good practice, so I felt like giving it a try, and in my preferred color scheme for the character.  |  Watercolor Pencils

Quorra: Tron Legacy | Hazardpublishing.com

art by Nate Bauer

art by Nate Bauer

Quorra from Tron Legacy  |  watercolor and marker

Rockie Revere: Search for Noah’s Ark | Hazardpublishing.com


Been a while since I’ve posted anything… but this one took a while to do. I thought it would be cool to try to tell a story in a single poster illustration and I think I accomplished that, though the story is pretty abbreviated. It’s sort of a variation on sequential art story telling. This was a fun one all the way.

Girl7 | Hazardpublishing.com



“Girl7”.  Not much more to this character yet.  She’s pretty much your basic space girl concept.  It’s all been done before on this front.  But still a fun exercise in drawing. Never hurts to work on vehicle design either.

Rockie Revere: Hill Slide | Hazardpublishing.com

©Nate Bauer

©Nate Bauer

I’ve been working on a character reference book, just sketching some of the designs of key elements to the character.
This is from the “boot” page. Could be useful if I go into a comic book type story project.

Batman: Gotham City 1939 | Hazardpublishing.com

©Nate Bauer

©Nate Bauer

A Batman concept of my own design here.  I thought of a Batman from the 1930’s and what Bruce might choose as
his vigilante outfit and tools.  A wealthy young man about town, Bruce is taking back Gotham from organized
crime with a set of brass knuckles and a bat symboled bomber jacket.

Rockie Revere: Lady of the Arctic | Hazardpublishing.com



Still on a pencils kick.  A sketch from the other day.  I probably won’t finish this one out.  Sometimes sketches have their own special kind of energy that a finished piece doesn’t convey.

Albatross in Time | Hazardpublishing.com


Well, I finally got around to pencilling this Albatross piece I’d sketched a while back.  It was three of the most relaxing hours I’ve spent in a while. There’s no real story behind this one other than I thought it would be cool to put a plane in a time it didn’t belong.

Jonny Quest: Danger Mtn |color | hazardpublishing.com

©N David Bauer

©N David Bauer

Finally got around to coloring this one.  It’s mostly water color with
some final tonal tweaks and snow in photoshop.