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Quorra: Tron Legacy | Hazardpublishing.com

art by Nate Bauer

art by Nate Bauer

Quorra from Tron Legacy  |  watercolor and marker


Rockie Revere: Search for Noah’s Ark | Hazardpublishing.com


Been a while since I’ve posted anything… but this one took a while to do. I thought it would be cool to try to tell a story in a single poster illustration and I think I accomplished that, though the story is pretty abbreviated. It’s sort of a variation on sequential art story telling. This was a fun one all the way.

Batman: Gotham City 1939 | Hazardpublishing.com

©Nate Bauer

©Nate Bauer

A Batman concept of my own design here.  I thought of a Batman from the 1930’s and what Bruce might choose as
his vigilante outfit and tools.  A wealthy young man about town, Bruce is taking back Gotham from organized
crime with a set of brass knuckles and a bat symboled bomber jacket.

Rockie Revere: Lady of the Arctic | Hazardpublishing.com



Still on a pencils kick.  A sketch from the other day.  I probably won’t finish this one out.  Sometimes sketches have their own special kind of energy that a finished piece doesn’t convey.

Albatross in Time | Hazardpublishing.com


Well, I finally got around to pencilling this Albatross piece I’d sketched a while back.  It was three of the most relaxing hours I’ve spent in a while. There’s no real story behind this one other than I thought it would be cool to put a plane in a time it didn’t belong.

Dick Tracy | hazardpublishing.com

©N David Bauer

©N David Bauer

A little homage art from one of my favorite
movies from my childhood; Dick Tracy.

The Rocketeer and Indiana Jones Comic Book | HazardPublishing.com


Fan Art: Here’s one that’s been lingering on my plate for a while, based on a rather ambitious joint venture between my friend Mike and I. We each wrote a short story based on a few key elemets with the goal of inking eachother’s story after. Per usual, we’re still working on it.